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  • De Lorenzo Rejuven8 Conditioner 375ml

    De Lorenzo Rejuven8 Conditioner 375ml

    Reveal the secret power of using 100% genuine, authentic Australian ingredients in your hair care products with De Lorenzo Rejuven8 Conditioner. This formula is emollient rich and is crafted using succulent bilberry and aloe vera extracts to reverse the damage of heat and chemical styling.
    Tease your hair, perm it, heat it, and process it all you want with De Lorenzo at your side, you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair. Rich ingredients like rice amino acids, ginko biloba, and cucumber work hard to keep your hair nourished and healthy, no matter what you throw at it! The end result is healthy, rejuvenated hair that is lively, bouncy, and beautiful.
    De Lorenzo products are never, ever tested on animals, and are created using environmentally-responsible and eco-friendly processes using nature’s own ingredients.

    Price: $29.50

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